Stage 13 – Reggio Emilia – Tortona – 166km

By on May 16, 2017 in Cycle Challenge | 0 comments

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Today presented some major headaches, cars, cars and more cars, throw in the occasional resurfacing work and the morning quickly became the afternoon.

The route is completely flat, and passes directly through the beautiful PO Valley. Initially Mick made rapid progress out of the student dominated town of Reggio Emilia in the direction of Cavriago

However as soon as we encountered the urban surroundings of Parma and the Piacenza the roads became a mass of chugging cars and once again a significant lack of any hard shoulder and tight roads.

From Piacenza the roads improved slightly and Mick picked up pace along the former Statale Padana Inferiore all the way to the finish in Tortona, in fact the stage finale through Casteggio follows the traditional Milan – Sanremo route. Mick let loose on the final kilometres which are essentially straight with just the occasional roundabout with an average of 27km an hour.

The weather was warm with a slight breeze which didn’t impact on Mick’s early finish in Tortona  (population of 27,000), thankfully there was no transfer so we had time to regroup before dinner at 7 (always) Mick’s a creature of habit.

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